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Lochaline/Oban 2015 Update

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Whilst September 2015 is still a long way off, I’m going to put out a periodic update about the Locahaline/Oban trip.  Here’s the first trip update!

News Update

I believe Linda has decided not to join the trip due to diary clash, so we currently have one space available.

Trip Preparation

Divers without sea experience (Scott, Mary & Denise?) will need to make sure they learn and practice DSMB use, and, log a few sea dives before September. There will be plenty of sea-dive opportunities between April and August – Eyemouth and Farnes are already being arranged, and there are likely to be others (Anglesey and Pembrokeshire both being mentioned recently).

Trip Info

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  • I’ve spoken with Malcolm, the boat skipper, who has informed me that the popular wrecks (Breda, Hispania, Thesis, Rondo) are all within Ocean Diver ability. Whilst most of these drop below 20m, they all start shallow, are mostly upright, and therefore offer good reference points that would allow OD’s to explore upper areas. There are also many excellent reefs and wall dives. No particular dive site is guaranteed – this will be determined by the skipper based on the prevailing weather conditions on the day. We may get a choice, we may not!
  • I’ve mentioned previously that Sat/Sun is hard-boat diving with a diver lift (yay!) and on-board compressor (yay!). Nitrox is not available on-board, so anyone wishing to use Nitrox will have to get fills before boarding (boo!).
  • We hope to get 3 dives from the boat per day. According to Malcolm, should the weather conditions be so bad that boat diving is not possible (and this is very rare apparently), then there are a number of sheltered sea lochs that would offer good shore diving opportunities.
  • As with all our trips, the dives will be conducted under BSAC safe diving practices. We currently have 5 DL’s, 3 SD’s and 3 OD’s. To ensure that all divers experience a range of dives then I would ask that DL’s rotate buddying with the OD’s
  • Friday remains as an optional shore dive at Loch Creran – some divers will likely travel up Thursday and stay overnight at a Travelodge over the border to break up the journey times. Others will travel up on the day. This is down individual choice, but please note that the travel time to Lochaline is 7.5 hours according to Google!
  • Sunday is an optional, but highly recommended, overnight stay at Movern. You are likely to be fatigued after three dives, and, you would be starting your 7.5 hour journey in the early evening!!


Further dive-site info is available at these websites:



If anyone has any questions, then either drop me an email, or see me at the club.


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