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Tuesday 20th June
As this is the 3rd Tuesday of the month, it is one of our regular kit nights. Due to pressure of training we have not had one for a couple of months but this month the topic will be Wet Suits/ semi drys. As the water temperature warms it is an opportunity to think about what thermal protection you need when diving this summer. An opportunity for newer divers to see what types/thicknesses are available.
Can I ask that members bring along their wet suits and semi-drys to the club room tonight and be prepared to talk to other members about the good and bad points, why they bought it, whether they would buy it again, etc. What sort of temperature would you dive in it? What are wrist seals like? Is it so thick it obstructs movement?
Meet towards the end of the room where the TV is, 7:30 – 8:30. There is absolutely no structure to the event (no presentation) – please just mingle and chat.

Theory and pool training will take place as normal.


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