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Fwd: Training Plan 28th November

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Subject: Training Plan 28th November
From: Paul Richardson <mcfamish98@gmail.com>
Sent: Sunday, 26 November 2017 10:20
To: “mcfamisher52@gmail com” <Mcfamisher52@gmail.com>
Hi all this weeks training plan

We have a first for the club as Amy Bray, a disabled lady is coming for a try dive, please make her feel welcome. Dave P will oversee this and Hannah has kindly agreed to act as a safety diver with Shaz, Amy`s friend helping with paperwork,changing and kitting up.

Paul R Theory Test with George then second half of OT4 with Daniel

Rob M ST2 with Will and Alastair 

Tim continue OS5 with Henry

Chris N OS3 Debbie

Toby Smith is coming to sign up following his successful try dive last week. He will do his swimming test as well.

Paul Richardson

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