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Fwd: Egypt 2021 liveaboard information and commitment

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Hi Divers,

After a good expression of interest, I am now looking for people to commit
to going based on the below information. It is difficult to give an exact
final figure right now because if a certain amount of people go we get
certain discounts but I’ve given the approx highest and lowest.

Highest price: £1450pp Lowest price: £1410pp

Price now includes use of hotel day rooms and hotel to airport transfers on
last day.

I’m aiming to get 12 people. 6 people have already expressed they wish to

Once people have committed I will be looking for a deposit to be paid
around a week from now so I can secure this with RegalDive next week

Just a reminder the trip will be Sports diver or above.

– Payment terms

If 10 or more people are going then we can book flights on a group
booking as below.


12 people going = £1410pp,

£250pp Deposit and the remaining balance of £1160 due by 18th February 2021.
Approx 12 Months from now.

If less than 10 people go (hopefully unlikely) then flights need paying
in full in advance.


9 people going = £1440 per person

£700pp deposit and then remaining balance of £740 due by* 18th *February

– Flights

Outgoing – 14/05/2021 Manchester to Hurghada departs 13:55pm and arrives
20:30pm, we then board the boat.

Incoming – 21/05/2021 Hurghada to Manchester departs 21:30pm and
arrives 02:30am
(22nd). We leave the boat in the morning of the 21st hence the included
hotel day rooms are a good idea for showers etc.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.




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