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When 3rd - 4th August
Time All day
Location St Abbs

Greetings Divers

On the back of a great trip to St Abbs on June 15/16, I’m now looking to repeat this during August.

Accommodation might be a challenge, but nothing ventured nothing gained!

The weekend highlights are here -> https://youtu.be/7YSX88M0qco?si=IZk0S8qbgLSlf4VP. Well done to Amy, Bryan and Tom on bagging their first UK sea dives.

If you would like to be involved then please drop me a message at rob@acasta.co.uk.

This opportunity is open to all qualified divers – the only cost is travel, air, accommodation, and food.

Berwickshire Marine Reserve offers some of the best diving in the UK. Cathedral Rock, Seagull Rock, Petticowick Bay, Greenends Gully and the rest. Everything in one zone – Dolphins, Seals, Octopus, Wolffish, and a bit of rusty metal. What’s not to like!!

Drop me a message if you’re interested and we’ll pull together a great weekend. Plan B – bring along walking boots for some breathtaking coastal walks!

Rob Mason
07770 578764


The event setting is 1st weekend in August – this is just so I can put it on the website. The date will be agreed when Rob has heard from whoever is interested – but not before he gets back from the Scillies trip.


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