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Eight Acre Lake – Sat 9th Aug

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A few people are headed to eight-acre lake on Saturday 9th August, meeting up there for 9am, so plan to get there for 8:45. We will be stopping at 12-ish (last point for getting out of the water the debrief may be after this) as Jim has to get back for 1pm.

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  • If you need to book the kit in advance, phone Mike, Scuba Dream Ltd at Eight Acre Lake 07976 106575 or (01430) 423311.
  • Kit hire is normally £40/day for a full set of kit, but we will do it for £30 or £15 for suits etc if you say you are with Barnsley BSAC Divers. You MUST book in advance as they have some of thire their hire kit in Beverly not at the dive site.
  • Prices … Diving £12.50 plus Diver registration £5 / 2 years. They hire 12 Litre cylinders at £4 per time. You will probably need a second cylinder (you will get one with the full set of kit.


The website is http://www.scubadream.co.uk

Do not use the post code to get there!!! Basically, into the middle of North Cave, past a white pub called the White Heart, turn right down Sands Road opposite another light coloured building towards the prisons,(it’s not got a label called sands road but satnav does show it as this name. After about a mile turn right down Mires Lane. It is signposted.


Visit BSAC.com