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Egypt Shorediving 2015

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We have got back from our Egypt diving trip, and cannot wait to go off again! We had a great time with excellent diving. Currently we are looking at a week, commencing something like 19 May 2015.

I think Paul is plotting a Red Sea live-aboard in June or July – talk to him if you are interested, but Ann and I are thinking of going shore diving in Dahab in May, when the sea should be about 24 C and the air in the low 30s. If you are interested in joining us, be aware that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advice for this area of the Sinai is “advise against all but essential travel”, so you need to take your own view on the safety of the trip.

Currently we are looking at a week, commencing something like 19 May 2015. At the current time flights on EasyJet are about £300 inc 20Kg hold luggage on that date, so I am thinking of getting something booked fairly soon.

Currently there are a range of possible hotels and meal packages, and costs for flights, luggage, transfers and hotel are around £400-450 per person if sharing a room. A 10 dive package is going to be £200 or thereabouts on top, plus there will be extra meals.

I am happy to go to the Bedouin Moon, which is a pretty basic 2 star hotel, but is a good base for diving, with a good dive centre. If there are any non-divers thinking of going we can consider something a bit more up-market or closer to town.

If anyone is interested in joining us, please let me know so we can decide on dates and accommodation preferences.


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