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Egypt Shorediving 2015 UPDATE

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I put a suggestion round last week about a possible Egypt shore diving trip, and at the moment it looks like Nigel, Linda, Ann and I are fairly definite, Dave P is interested and a couple of others have expressed interest. No-one has said they want to go to a better class of hotel, so I have contacted Bedouin Moon/Reef 2000 for prices.

They have got 4 room prices, depending on whether you want standard or superior rooms, and whether you want the sea view or not. Single supplement for sole occupancy. If we can get 6 divers they will give us a 20% discount, plus every 6th diver gets a dive package and shared accommodation free. They are offering a 10 dive package (guide, weights, air) for 180 Euros, kit hire 25 euros a day. They can organise a transfer from the airport for about 80 Euros for the vehicle. All the prices are in Euros.

So, ROUGHLY, this is how it stacks up. Assuming we have 6 divers (ie with 20% discount) , 7 nights Bed and Breakfast shared is Eu118 for a basic room, rising in stages to Eu176 for superior sea view, each. Single occupancy Eu179 basic rising up to Eu296 for superior sea view. (if you want something other than basic, ask me for all the pricing info).

So basic accommodation, transfer and dive package will be about 320 Euros (about £260) shared or 380 Euros (about £310) single. With the 6th diver free offer there will be a saving of perhaps £30 or so on this, depending on numbers, but I have not factored that in.

Lunch, evening meals and drinks are extra, plus any extra dives we book. Probably no more than £200 spending money?

Flights on Easy Jet are now up to £320, so if you allow the £200 spending money, you are looking at a total of £780 shared, £830 single.

I am still looking at 19 May as a start date.

Please let me know if you are interested, as I will send any future emails just to those who want to be kept in touch with plans.


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