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Drysuits for sale.

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Hi all,

You may or may not know that the club has a loose connection with the Leeds
Beckett University dive club through our instructor Tim Gledhill. Tim has
asked me to pass on the news that the University club has decided to sell
off the stock of drysuits they hold and we are being given first dibs!

The drysuits are in a range of conditions, some need new neck or wrist
seals but are otherwise ok. The prices they are asking for the suits are
very realistic in relation to the condition of each….it could be as
little as £100 for a drysuit that may need attention but is basically sound.

If you are interested please contact Tim directly by email at
timgledhill@aol.com He has a list of sizes/conditions etc so if you send
him your height, chest size and foot size he will see if there’s one that
might fit you and will get back to you to arrange a ‘fitting’.


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