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Dost Hill Dive Report

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Dost HillDespite appalling weather (thunderstorms!), the Dost Hill dive site near Tamworth turned out to be a pleasant little in-land granite quarry offering a decent training facility. With depths up to 24m, and typically good viz, it’s well worth a visit. The 11-strong dive team logged a number of dives.  The wet weather caused a milky silt layer between the surface and 5m, but other wise visibility was fairly decent.

The quarry is smaller than others we normally visit – about a third of the size of Capernwray, but as an former BSAC national training facility, it has a number of platforms between 2m and 12m – ideal for OD/SD training. Whilst the facilities are fairly basic, there’s enough to cater for most divers (Chem toilets, large container for changing/briefings, small shop and air re-fills.  A big plus is that the site never really gets particularly busy, so water entry and exit is straightforward.

It’s worth mentioning that staff are very friendly and helpful – the owner, Ian, has registered our club with Dost Hill meaning any club OD trainees will automatically receive the membership discount. Definitely one to consider for future dives: www.divedozzi.com.

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