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Dive Trip – St Abbs – 20/21 Oct

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Greetings Divers – We’re running a shore diving trip for all diver grades to St Abbs Marine Reserve in South East Scotland on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st October.

St Abbs is a superb UK dive site that hosts the famous “Cathedral Rock” – listed as one of the UK’s top 5 dive sites. The sheltered and unusually clear waters provide access to spectacular underwater scenery and marine life, with maximum depth no more than 17m. All water entry is a gentle walk from the car park. This is a great dive for new or rusty divers!

We’re hoping to grab two dives per day. You’ll need to be on-site in the St Abbs car park for 9am Saturday morning and 9:30am Sunday. You can just about travel up on the day – normally takes 4 hours – but you are advised to travel up and stay over. You can dive just one of the days if you prefer.


You will need to arrange you own digs! There are various accommodation options in either St Abbs, Coldingham or Eyemouth:

  • www.verdantleisure.co.uk/scoutscroft/ – a few people sharing would be low cost
  • There a few B&B’s in St Abbs and Coldingham
  • There are further options in Eyemouth
  • It might be wise to get cancellation options on any accommodation in case of bad weather.


  • You will require normal SCUBA kit with one full cylinder and weights configured for sea-diving.
  • Some divers make use of sack barrows or trolleys to help transfer equipment to the waters edge.
  • The sea should be sufficiently warm for 7mm wetsuits.
  • Air fills are available in St Abbs.

No costs/deposits required for diving. If there is sufficient interest then we’ll look to have a team meal on Saturday evening in Coldingham or Eyemouth.

Suze Robinson (Barnsley) is dive managing this one. However, see Ann Bailey, Rob Mason, Pam or Paul Tarn if you have any questions about diving the site.

Please register with Suze (srobinsonmac@gmail.com) once you have booked your accommodation.

Thanks All!

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