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Dive trip planning for 2018

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On the first Tuesday in October (3rd October) we will have an open meeting to discuss dive trips for 2018. (These are the pleasure trips, not the training trips, which are generally arranged at much shorter notice.)

We want to come up with an outline plan for the year with ideas about where and when, and who will organise each trip. So you have got 2 weeks to think about where you want to dive next year.

This year we have had eight trips (Egypt, Mull, IoM, Menai x 2, Eyemouth, Farnes and Algarve) and it would be good to have a similar number of trips next year, but it all depends on what you, the club members, want to do, and having a volunteer to organise each trip. So have a think, and come along on 3rd October with your ideas. If you want to organise a trip, but are unsure what is involved you can talk to people who have organised trips in the past, and who will be happy to give advice. Just ask.

This meeting is open to all club members, both qualified and un-qualified. Note that you will need to be qualified by the time of the trip to dive. Almost all trips are open to all qualification levels – although some may be limited to Sports divers if the planned depths exceed Ocean Diver permitted maximum depth.

If you have ideas, but cannot make the meeting then make sure you feed into the meeting through a committee member.

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