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Frustrated with your Dive Computer software?  Since the days of Sunnto DM3, things seem to have gone a little downhill. Here’s a bit of a plug for a dive log package that I’ve recently migrated my logs to – http://subsurface-divelog.org/.  Hope you find it useful.

Subsurface offers a few advantages over other dive log packages:

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  • Its vendor neutral and non-commercial
  • Its cross-platform – it runs under Windows, Apple or Linux
  • It backs up your log files to the Cloud
  • It integrates with Facebook to allow your dive profiles to be posted
  • It works with most Dive Computers
  • …its free!


If anyone would like a demo then I’ll bring my laptop in and run through my recent dives. Here’s a screenshot of a recent dive (Loch Creran).

Screenshot from 2015-10-28 18:07:54


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