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Diary Date -Farnes 2019

Waves Shape

This years Farnes trip has had a lot of good feedback, so it is intended to do the trip again in 2019. This year we had both the RIB and also 12 places on a hard boat out of the harbour. The hard boat was shared between Barnsley BSAC and the Wombwell club and was found to be very well run. ( Talk to Linda, Ann, Rob or Paul Tarn for their views about the boat. ) Accordingly, I have provisionally booked 24 places on a hard boat for 13 and 14 July 2019. The cost of the boat is £90 for the two days. As usual, sort your own accommodation and food. The places will be shared by the two clubs according to demand. I will take names and a £40 deposit, so put the dates in your diary now!


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