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Congratulations and Training Plan for Tuesday 18th Nov

Waves Shape

Hi All

First of all CONGRATULATIONS to Paul and Rob, both of whom passed their TIE
exams last weekend.


Can people who want to hire kit but who are not being trained please wait
until everyone being trained has been sorted out and then ask for kit. We
usually have enough but trainees need to get fixed up first. So, please
don’t go to the cage for kit until 8:45 unless whoever is looking after the
cage says they are free before that.

*Finally training plan: *

This is what It think is happening

*Theory lessons*

Scott, George and Denise – dry suit theory and size checking with Chris

Ann – Dive leader theory with Jim

Michael, Jay, Dave and Douglas with David

*Theory then Pool*

Debbie with Rob


Jake and Mick with Chris H



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