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A number of you have asked about ordering the “official” club shirts or other stuff. Lauren Clifford has kindly volunteered to do the ordering. You have probably seen (and admired!) other members wearing the shirts on club nights so you probably have a good idea of how they look. The garments are printed on the back and on the left breast, you can have them personalised at no extra cost by including your name, nickname or anything else polite under the logo on the breast. They are available in black or white and in all the usual sizes from S to XXL.

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  • Polo shirts £13.95
  • T-Shirts £10.95
  • Hooded Sweatshirt £21.95


If there is a significant number ordered we may get a discount.

To order please email Lauren on:- lauren.clifford then add the ‘at‘ sign, then add ‘hotmail‘, and finally ‘.com‘ (sorry, long winded to avoid spam engines). Please include Type, Number required, Size, Colour and any personalisation you fancy. Lauren will let you know the total cost once she has placed the order, then pay Lauren or Trevor a.s.a.p

See you after the Red Sea – Mark H

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