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Capernwray Trip – Sat 8th July

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Hi All – as mentioned by Ann, I’m running a trip to Capernwray on Saturday 8th July. The plan is to complete Stan’s OD training and carry out a bit of DSMB and buoyancy practice in preparation for the Farnes trip. Anyone else is more than welcome to join us for a bit of pleasure diving – just drop me a message so that I know to expect you!

As usual, try to arrive for 8:30am in order to grab a good car parking spot (top half, right hand side as you enter). Entry is £12, airfills are £4. If you haven’t previously joined Capernwray then you’ll need to register (£10 for 6 months or £25 life membership).

More dive site details are available at: www.dive-site.co.uk/

Unfortunately I can’t make the club night this week, so please try to arrange any car shares between you and see the Equipment Officers for kit/cylinders etc. I’m expecting to take Stan and will have space for one other diver if anyone needs a lift.


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