Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Barnsley BSAC Divers New Website

Waves Shape

Our new website is now up and running.

Just type or use the following link
www.s895383513.websitehome.co.uk to see what it looks like.

All the photos used have been taken by members so if you have a great photo
or take one in the future then send it. If Neil Norman, our webmaster, is
impressed then he might just update the site with your picture. It’s just
one of the ways we hope to keep the site looking good.

There is an Upcoming Events section which keeps you up to date with what is
happening during the year. Also, if you fancy a dive or are free to instruct
then put it on the web site, but do it as early as possible to give others
the chance to respond

Latest posts are added in Club News – this should be your first point of
call when visiting the site – it shows the latest news, events and updates
to trips etc.

AND it`s not just a website because it`s designed with you in mind with
links to:-

Twitter You Tube

So when you`ve finished a dive you can tell your friends, family and mates
what you`ve just done or seen and send them a photo.

If you have any equipment to sell or need a buddy to dive with, we have a
Member’s Only section. This is password protected, so email for the

To add anything to the site, just email diving@s895383513.websitehome.co.uk and
we will do the rest.

Yes, it`s a great site and thanks should go to Rob Mason, Neil Norman and
Linda Marsh but the only thanks really needed is for YOU AND YES WE MEAN ALL
OF YOU to use it.

Happy and safe diving

Paul Richardson – Diving officer

Visit BSAC.com