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Barnsley BSAC Divers – Compressed Air Services – Now Available

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Dear All,

I’’m pleased to announce that due to the continued growth of the sub aqua diving club, the committee have voted to purchase a club air compressor for its members.

We can now offer all members the service to fill your “Personal” or “Club Hired” compressed air cylinders to 232bar (21% only) for only £3 per cylinder, thus making it even more cost effective to be a club member.

Also, as a way of saying thank you to all the club instructors for giving their valuable time to train our new members, the committee would like to offer to refill their personal cylinders for free (subject to a fair usage policy, available on request)

All cylinders submitted for filling must have a valid “In Test” date, and pass a visual inspection by a club Equipment Officer before it can be filled.

This new service will start on Tuesday 15th November, and run on subsequent Tuesdays, other days can be made available on prior arrangement with an Equipment Officer.

Kind regards


Equipment Officer

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