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Barnsley BSAC – Breaking News!

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Hi all,

Sorry the plan is a bit late this week but better late than never!

*TUESDAY 3rd August*

*David P * will work with Tony Rouse to recap and refresh all skills. Tony
has not been in the pool since last October!

*Chris N* will work with Andrei on OS5

*Charles *will do a try dive with Emma Horner

*Tim *will do a try dive with Rian (Emma’s partner?)

* Alexis *will do a try-dive with Dane Noble (14)

*Ann *will do OT4 with Joanne, Liam and Marie by Zoom starting at 7.30pm.
Please click on this link:


*THURSDAY 29th July*

*Dave C *will continue with Leonie on OS4/5

*David P *will continue with Tony Rouse

*Rob *will work with Liam and Mihai on OS5

*Tim * will introduce the Shepherd family to BSAC with the help of* Chris N* .
A general skills review and teach CBL if time.

*Nigel * will do dry-suit theory with Ken. You can do this on the poolside
Nigel or by Zoom if you prefer. Let me know and I’ll set up the zoom if
necessary for 7.30pm. The usual link: zoom.us/j/9196753175

Thanks all,


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