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Announcing BARNSLEY BSAC’s great Open Water training weekend

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The water is finally reaching a temperature where it is survivable in a
semi-dry suit (note: it will still be bracing…). So for the first time that
I can remember we are off to Capernwray for a whole weekend. If you are an
Ocean Diver trainee and have completed your theory assessment and pool
lessons, or if you are a Sports Diver trainee, then this is your opportunity
to get some of the open water lessons signed off. You can do both days or
either day if you can’t make both. If you are doing both days then you can
either make a trip of it and stay over locally on the Sat night or travel
both days. Details are:

Capernwray Quarry – Sat 13th and Sun 14th June- 09.00am start both days.
More info on their website [ dive-site.co.uk ].

Costs: £12 per day to dive. If you haven’t been before you will need to
register on site – £5 for 6mths. If you haven’t got a semi-dry or dry suit
you will also need to hire a semi-dry suit from them, it’s easiest to hire a
full set of kit including the suit for £35/day. You will also need cash for
food, drinks, air fills etc.

The number of places is limited by the number of instructors available, so
if you are interested pls email me a.s.a.p. I will let you know if you have
a place, and if you have, you will need to ring Capernwray to book your
suit/kit soon after. Mark H

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