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Wave Shape

8 Acre Lake – 4th May 2014

Waves Shape

On 4/5/14 Linda, Les and Neil went on a trip to 8 Acre Lake. This is site that the club has not been to for several years due to its poor viz. Well, what a change! The viz has improved a lot and made it a very enjoyable day.

The good bits:

  • It’s less an hour from Barnsley.
  • You park next to the lake.
  • It has 14m of depth.
  • Loads of kitting benches etc.
  • Very good viz.
  • There are loads of boats etc to find.
  • Coffee/tea is only 50p.
  • There are no air fills, but you can hire a full cylinder for £4 and give it back empty.

The bad bits:

  • No bacon sandwiches – take your own food.

Watch the video for proof of the good viz.


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