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18th April Training plan

Waves Shape
hello All,
Tuesday 18th Training plan.
I would really appreciate being told asap that you are not available, so I
can offer a spot to others if needed.
Thanks Paul

Tim Gledhill – Jo Evershed & Andy Walton = Dry Suit Training

Rob Mason – Jay Crossland & Esme Hays (TBC) = Dry Suit Training

Chris Newsam – OFF

David Corbett – OFF

David Patchett – Scott Brewster OS4 & Steve Taylor Practice for pool sign

Ann Bailey – OFF

Steve Dearman – Jacob Broomfield & Stuart Hately = Finish off OS2 (started
with DC)

Nigel Kaye – Luke Wall (test A) & Louis Dodd (test B) = OD theory test

Charles Austin – OFF

Gemma Kitchen – Maddie Martin = OT3

Alexis Moreno – Zara Hardcastle, Mick McPherson & Finley isherwood = Resus
Annie – ST2/2

Sammy – OFF

Paul Tarn – Jacob Wardle = OS1

Pam Tarn – OFF

Clare Pettinger – OFF

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