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16th May training plan

Waves Shape
Hello All,
sorry for the late reply, but as you will see we are short on instructors
this week.

Dave Patchett – Steve Taylor = OD Pool sign off
Nigel Kaye – Chris Corbett Daughter = Trydive
Charles Austin – Chris Corbett = TryDive

*Pool Practice*
Paul Birch Garth
Bryan Rutter
Will Rutter
If anyone else is interested we have 3 or 4 places still open for the pool

Chris Newsam – Finley & Zara = ST6
Ann Bailey – Esme Hays = SD theory last 3 sections
Sammy Norton – Joel Crossland -=OT1
Clare Pettinger – Scott Brewster & Jacob Broomfield = OT5

Once again if you are on the plan and cant make it I would appreciate
knowing asap, as others could have a place instead


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